Synthetic is a man-made fiber that is manufactured to look like your own hair. It produces a slightly different sheen and feel than human hair, as synthetic fiber does not have a texturized surface. Synthetics are extremely easy to handle, due to their ability to retain a style after washing; however synthetic systems cannot tolerate heat, so styling tools (such as blow driers, curling irons, flat iron, or air brushes) cannot be used. Over time their ability to hold a style will diminish, and a professional servicing will be required. We recommend this service for our clients every 3-4 months, to keep your synthetic piece looking its best. Synthetic fibers cannot be permed or colored.


Cyberhair is a created hair, manufactured from nylon, developed to simulate human hair. The surface of each individual Cyberhair is textured to resemble the cuticle layers of healthy growing human hair. This feature allows Cyberhair to reflect light identically to human hair, giving it a natural appearance. The product has many desirable qualities that include: durability, lightness in weight, body, lift, fade resistance and curl retention. Cyberhair is extremely light in weight; it is 1/3 the weight of human hair. It is a product designed for people with an active lifestyle, as Cyberhair loves water! One of the greatest features of Cyberhair is its consistency. Unlike a lot of human hair and synthetics on the market today, you will always know exactly what you are getting every time you order Cyberhair!


Human hair, like your own hair, will respond to complete styling changes, perms and color. (Although minimal changes in color are optimal, and all coloring processes should be discussed with a professional.) The down side, especially if you don’t like styling your own hair, is that all human hair systems require styling after they are washed. It is important to know that at ALL human hair does undergo SOME processing, even if it is just a sanitation process.

There are 2 types of human hair that our studio retails:


Although the name implies that the hair is ‘Indian,’ this may not be the case anymore. It has become an industry standard to call this type ‘Indian’ although it may come from other origins (Philippines and China to name a few). This type of human hair will better retain curl and wave, and will more likely resemble course, full bodied human hair. Because of the origin of this hair it does undergo extra processing to reduce the diameter of each hair as well as to change the color; this process does remove some of the cuticle of each hair, and can therefore deteriorate some of the integrity of the hair. The lighter colors are more greatly affected by this.


European hair is very soft and silky and is preferred by many Caucasians because it resembles the texture of their own hair. It is often regarded as the best hair because of its ability to retain its strength and texture. This is because European hair under goes very little processing prior to it being delivered to its end user. Each hair’s diameter is already small, and there are more color options available without processing. Because of this, and the sheer supply and demand for this high quality product, European hair can be extremely expensive.

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